MJH Architects recently secured permitted development approval for a 1930s detached house in Guildford.  The approval covers a single storey rear extension and an additional 40 cubic metres of habitable loft space, via the addition of a full-width dormer.

The project is a good example of the various options available for homeowners under Permitted Development Rights (PDR).  PDR allows homeowners to extend their homes without seeking planning permission, provided certain guidelines regarding size, height, distance to boundaries and materials are followed.  Please note, if you live in a Conservation Area, AONB or own a Listed Building, your PDR will be limited.

If your house is eligible for PDR we would recommend securing a Certificate of Lawfulness from your local authority as this could prevent potential disputes with neighbours and legal issues, should you decide to move.

Please click on the link below to Kosma and Mark's detailed guide to Permitted Development.

UK Permitted Development rules - YouTube