We have recently received enquiries relating to upwards extensions that can now be undertaken under permitted development.

As of 1st September, in certain circumstances, permitted development allows for upward extensions to houses with the addition of a new storey.  The change falls under Prior Approval, which requires approval from the local authority before work can commence on site.

One of the key considerations for securing approval is for the proposal to be in keeping with its surrounding area.  The design would have to be sensitively considered if the surrounding houses were exclusively two storeys or less.  Aside from the planning issues, it is worth considering the structural impact that an additional storey may add to the house.

Please note that to be eligible for an upward extension under permitted development, your house must have been built between 1st July 1948 and 28th October 2018.  If it is a detached property, you can add up to two additional storeys to a maximum height of 18 meters.  For semi-detached, terrace and single storey houses this is limited to one additional storey, to a maximum height of 3.5 meters.  If your property is in a conservation area, Prior Approval will not apply, and you will require full planning permission for an additional storey.  Moreover, the recent changes do not include two storey side extensions; these still require planning permission and do not fall under permitted development.

If you would like more information with regard to the new legislation, please contact us.