St Martins House

Heatherwood Close


St Martins House is a ten storey modernist apartment block facing onto Southsea Common. The project involved remodelling an apartment to reflect contemporary living styles.

Heatherwood Close is a 1970s terraced house located in Wanstead. The property is in a prominent position as the end house of a small staggered terrace that forms a cul-de-sac.

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The apartment layout, although fit for purpose when completed in the 1960s, did not reflect the contemporary lifestyle of the client's young family. The kitchen, which is the hub of the home, was located at the back of the apartment, separate from the living room and flanked by a bedroom and bathroom. Moreover, both bedrooms were separated from each other by the kitchen and bathroom. As a result, the flow of space was disjointed and the spectacular views from the front of the apartment were not being maximised.

MJH's solution was to swap the kitchen at the rear with the master bedroom at the front, thereby utilising the views. To improve the flow of space a new opening was added between the kitchen and living room to create a flexible space that can be sub-divided or open. Also, by moving the kitchen the bedrooms have been grouped together at the rear, which is on the cooler and quieter north face. The hallway has a new opening allowing daylight to filter into this previously dark space.

MJH's brief was to improve the flow of space in the apartment, reorganise the layout and maximise views

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